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10 Minute Reel

A 10 minute reel containing video, performance, and animation excerpts and samples.

1. Venus Rising, 2020, video and sound work
Venus Rising is a single channel video and sound work exploring the dismantling of patriarchal systems and a call back to Earth centered feminine wisdom.

2. Welcome to Global Cone, 2009, video performance
Keough creates three distinct characters who express their anxieties about the state of the economy and climate change.

3. Creation Myth, 2019, Animation
“Creation Myth” is an animation and sound work that explores a futuristic world born from the impacts of climate change and destructive technologies. The work depicts a Creation Myth of how its world came to be, exploring evolution, and how the age of the Anthropocene altered life’s delicate balance.

4. Ether and the Voice: an Electronic Media Opera, 2010, multimedia interactive performance
Ether and the Voice: an electronic media opera is an exploration of female voice, technology and identity. Keough creates a world of symbolic and linguistic fantasy, exploring the disembodied voice, electronic environment, personal drama and the archetypal and psychological structures of the interior.

5. InLuma, 2008, video and sound work
The single channel video work InLuma speaks to the phenomena of bio-electric communication and organic consciousness. The imagined organisms fuse and separate creating new bodies and electrical connections thus expressing the deeply embedded order of natural systems.

6. iLook iSeek iAm, 2014 , Video/Animation and sound work

iLook explores this notion of looking and psycho-feedback through a series of visual collages. The video moves slowly allowing the viewer to look, linger and watch. The image of the artist distorts and multiplies creating an imaginative space where copies of copies mingle and coexist. Imagery shifts from sensual to abject evoking the scopophilic, and allowing the viewer to luxuriate in the act of looking with the added dimension of being conscious of their voyeurism.

iSeek, the second video in the series iLook, iSeek, iAm, shifts the artists focus from self exploration and imaging, to mediations behind the lens. Here, the mythic is embedded in the landscape. We move through stretches of meditative moments. Some meandering and unhinged, others contemplative and still. The soundtrack shapes these meditations through field recordings, silence, and an original piano string composition. The fluctuation of sound, and the play between sound and image, speaks to the profound effect the natural environment has on our imagination and consciousness.

In the video work iAm, the myth of narcissus is reenacted, further exploring the multiplicity and dimensionality of identity. The pool has woken. Reflections break free from the loop of hypnotic psycho-feedback. Artifacts surface from the depths, these totems of self bob up and down in the water, and later appear as ritual objects, protruding from the ears, and piercing the skin and skull. The initiation has begun, reflections have inverted, turning in on themselves in pursuit of their own evolution and transformation.