Performance > Ether and the Voice: an Electronic Media Opera

Ether and the Voice: an Electronic Media Opera

Ether emerges in Act 3: The Bright Side, in a place where technology has hacked the codes of voice and language. The voice is now in control and manipulates visual information. This is a place of electronic malfunction, communication has broken down, forms have decayed and the voice has merged with electronic signal. A new set of codes, expressions and systems begin to emerge. The hybrid voice has taken over and controls and creates this new environment. In this act, the Dreamer, Vegan, and Blonde have lost (in appearance) their differences. They sputter and chirp, attempting to speak, but intelligible words come infrequently. Their voices are laced with interference and confusion. Ether performs the final piece, “You’ll Find Me Above the Sky,” the remixed lyrics from the iconic song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” She controls the artifice of language and technology with her futuristic interactive Crystal Ball Magic Box. She has in the end merged with electronic signal, body and voice.

You'll Find Me Above the Sky