Video > Ether and the Voice an Electronic Media Opera

from Act 2 "Ether and the Voice; an Electronic Media Opera"
featuring: the Vegan, the Dreamer, and the Blonde

Let's get real, it's not Rocket Science
The gadgets which we become reliant
Take what's left of our attention
Leaving us with soul infections
The Pool has woken and is gazing back
Who know a pool could act like that?
Narcissus has unleashed a drone
A roaming voice for a tepephone
Is there intelligent life out there?
Some sanity must we beware?
And wary of our future selves?
This brings us to a point in time,
where Ether stows away
Sinking through the stuff sublime,
where sirens are at play
Naturally were curious
Will she survive the fall?
Where nothing touches nothing,
touches nothing, touches all

Rocket Science