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Perpetual Drift
Cinematic Radio Art

This new version of Perpetual Drift is updated, reworked and written, and was completely produced, recorded, and performed in 2020.

“Perpetual Drift” takes place in the not too distant future. The earth has undergone drastic climate changes, and a crew aboard a lost ship at sea, struggle to adapt to an uncertain future, and the psychic and emotional stresses created by a series of tragic and unexpected events. The crew of the ship are: the Captain, Ether (a time traveler), the robot (a depressed poet and ships navigator), Echo (the mythical nymph), the Doctor (Mistress), a female scientist who specializes in rare botanics, and lastly – the ship itself. The story embodies environmental concerns we face as a collective human family ,and the death of old structures giving way to new life forms, systems, and organizations. In this work, I perform each character's voice, manipulating my voice through electronic filters, and compose an electro-acoustic soundtrack comprised of analog and digital synths, musical instruments, and original field recordings.