colleen keough
And Now the Dead Shall Speak
Multimedia performance opera
Performance Documentation. Ether and the Voice: an Electronic Media Opera

Act 1: Extreme Roamer

And Now the Dead Shall Speak

i picked up the tone, turned on the phone
i locked the screen but they found me anyway,
over the seas, and i’m roaming apparently.
i’m roaming apparently.

it’s cold out here way out here
ether chokes the day out here
it’s bold out here
it’s old out here
the waveforms cluster close out here

i’m breaking up, your waking up
i’m waking up, your breaking through
another night, a voice askew
another day when words won’t do

your’re missing the part that’s mostly you.

i go tap, tap, tap and space, space, space
Uh, uh, uh, and ay, ay, ay

you go, slash, slash, slash and dot, dot, dot
ay, ay, ay and ah, ah, ah

you’re missing the part that’s mostly you.

so many signs are transitional
ephemeral, until the gaze
chases them up and away
chases them up and away

an echo of you, a memory slip, static and time a voyeurs last trip.
i’m winding myself around an old friend, who’s been dead for years, a voice at the end.
we’ve been dead for years, our voices pretend. you’re missing the part that’s mostly you

Ether and the Voice is a work of science fiction, an exploration of female voice, technology and identity. Keough creates a world of symbolic and linguistic fantasy, exploring the disembodied voice, electronic manipulation, personal drama and the archetypal and psychological structures of the interior. Ether and the Voice exposes the architecture of the electronically saturated psyche, revealing the complex multifaceted relationship between human experience and technology.
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