colleen keough
Heady Desire Delirious Excess 
(work-in-progress)Heady Desire Delirious Excess
(work-in-progress)Creation MythCreation MythElectric Feminine Cosmic HybridElectric Feminine Cosmic HybridElectric Feminine Cosmic HybridiLook, iSeek, iAm Video TriptychiLook iSeek iAm
iLook, iSeek, iAmiLookiLookiLookiSeekiSeekiAmiAmiAmVILLUSION 2014/15VILLUSIONEther and the Voice / Video stillsEther and the Voice: an Electronic Media OperaEther and the Voice: an electronic media operaYou'll Find Me Above the SkyInLumai love itWelcome to Global ConeWind (series)Animation TestWind (working tilte)Signal StutterMistaken Identity: a requiemRocket ScienceOverturethe L's, the I's, the P'sCoin Toss  2010Somewhere Above the SkySomewhere Above the SkyFuture Siren Silent SirenMiragemiragemiragemirage"Sirens" video stillDreamers  2010Still from Gone Fishin' Parts 1, 2, & 3.  1992Sub Rosa   2008SubRosaSub Rosa  2008under your spell 2009STARDUMBGrumpy OnionsPassing the EggGone Fishin'Untitled
Through the video medium I explore feminine archetypes and stereotypes that challenge perceptions associated with female voice and gender. I am interested in imagining alternate identities and environments through lens and time-based media, and exploring phenomena associated with voice, sound, communication and the natural world.

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