colleen keough
Venus Rising
Single Channel Video
Venus Rising, 2020

Venus Rising is a single channel video and sound work exploring the dismantling of patriarchal systems and a call back to Earth centered feminine wisdom.

A chant to the moon opens the first scene of Venus Rising. We witness the vestiges of patriarchy crumbling, disintegrating. A woman is seen summoning new life as she dances in a cloud of microbes. What is unseen becomes visible as her rhythmic and undulating body conjures natural forces. Electromagnetic phenomena cuts through the atmosphere as she performs her ritual. A planetary cosmic and spiritual awakening is taking place. What lies ahead is unknown. The path has been set in motion and now must be followed through. Venus Rising is a visual and sonic response to this unprecedented moment of global change. It embodies hope for human resilience and a message of returning to earth based wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence as a way to heal and begin anew.

Sound by Colleen Keough, with e.g.walker
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