colleen keough
Electric Feminie Cosmic Hybrid:
I Want You To Want Me
Digital Cut-Out Collage Installation
150" x 60".
Electric Feminine Cosmic Hybrid:
"I want You To Want Me"

This work was created for a large scale installation which will be exhibiting at the Hosmer Gallery in Forbes Library. Exhibition scheduled for January 2019.

The panel will be 15 ft x 6 ft. The art work is approximately 151" x 60"

The Electric Feminine Cosmic Hybrid installation is created from Digital Print Cut Outs which are then collaged into a site specific composition. The scale of the work is determined by the space the work is installed in. Electric Feminine Cosmic Hybrid explores symbolic forms of the feminine through digital simulation. Using new media as a vehicle for investigating hybrid creation, I explore botanic embodiments of feminine form, and relationships between feminism, science, spirituality, electronic media and nature. Electric Feminine Cosmic Hybrid explores notions of female desire and excess, and speaks to the elasticity of feminine sexuality, imagination and consciousness.
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